Cross-Functional Team Facilitation

Is it hard to get cooperation from other departments in the company when trying to manage chargebacks and deductions?

Are you unable to sustain productive cross-functional deduction meetings for more than a couple of months?

Preventing and resolving chargebacks and deductions is a company-wide initiative. Without effective cross-functional teamwork, companies are unable to sustain effective deduction management practices. During these engagements, we work with companies to develop successful cross-functional communication and cooperation. After working with a company to identify appropriate members for a cross-functional team, we facilitate the cross-functional meetings, laying out a meeting structure, developing action/task plans with responsibilities and guiding a company through the steps of conducting successful cross-functional meetings. Typically, we facilitate the first 3-4 monthly meetings before a company feels comfortable with the process that has been put in place and can continue on their own.