Deduction Coaching

Could your company benefit from some sage deduction advice from time-to-time?

Do you wish that your company had a Deduction Advisor to assist with problem solving or high level strategy?

This service is designed to guide a company through the deduction improvement process. Custom tailored to each company’s unique needs, Deduction Coaching can vary from facilitation and high level deduction management strategy development to more active involvement in various deduction management improvement activities. Our level of involvement can vary from 1-2 days per month or quarter to 2 days per week. Coaching is generally provided in areas such as:

  • Rationalizing reason codes
  • Facilitating cross-functional meetings
  • Building effective deduction processing practices
  • Preventing top deduction reasons
  • Preparing customer settlement information
  • Developing effective deduction reporting
  • Improving negotiation skills