Negotiation Training

Could your deduction management group benefit from improved negotiation skills?

Do activities requiring customer communication often fall to the bottom of the to-do list?

Negotiation Training is often performed through a 1-day interactive workshop focusing on negotiation strategies, tips and keys to success when dealing with customer, suppliers or even people within your own company. The Workshop begins with a 2 hour presentation including topics such as:

  • Negotiation checklists – how to prepare for a negotiation session
  • Words to use (and which ones to avoid)
  • What to do when people say “no”
  • Tips for dealing with difficult people

The remainder of the day is spent in breakout groups of 3-4 people where we role play various “real-life” situations facing your personnel. Each person has an opportunity to “play” themselves, the “other” person (e.g. customer, sales person) and also to be the observer and offer suggestions. During this portion of the workshop, we spend time with each group, evaluating their discussions and offering input.