Deduction Therapy can provide you with the insight you need to ease your deduction woes and improve your bottom line.

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This service, most typically provided on a quarterly basis, provides you with an individualized prescription to facilitate your road to recovery by providing you with:


See key causes and customers affecting your deduction performance

Clear Understanding

See which deductions are “the cost of doing business” vs loss due to operational inefficiencies


Review a detailed document outlining improvement opportunities

This information along with our unique experience and insight can help focus the efforts of your internal team to:

  • Increase recoveries of invalid deductions
  • Streamline processing to reduce current workload and improve performance levels
  • Identify root causes of major compliance violations and develop corrective actions

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Plan Deliverables Bronze Silver Gold
Quarterly Quarterly Monthly
Clear, concise Snapshot Deduction Reporting highlighting key reasons, main offenders and critical aging analysis      
Written Narrative summarizing deduction results highlighting key issues and changes from prior period      
Benchmark comparison of key deduction metrics against industry/channel peers      
Action Plan outlining step-by-step activities to achieve results, including timelines, responsible parties and progress from prior period    
2 Hour Conference Call / team facilitation to review findings, identify and focus on key activities for next period    

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